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  • The Return

    Six years. It had been six years since Azriel had been back. Six years changes so many things; and yet, even after six years the Seattle sprawl was somehow just the same as it always was. Azriel could feel the constant hum of life that ever beats beneath …

  • Tales from the Garden

    P1: [[The Return | The Return]] P2: [[Reunion | Reunion]] P3: [[Shades of Grey | Shades of Grey]] (Post Stuttgart run) P4: [[Homework | Homework]] (Post Tir'taringire)

  • Reunion

    Six years and the more things changed, the more they stayed the same. Azriel took in the familiar sights of the Seattle night life; just one more small thing that gave him a bit of comfort. Clubs and bars may have changed names, or even hands, but the ebb …

  • Homework

    Azriel woke to sunlight seeping through the drapes onto him. It had been a long time since he had slept this well. The blankets were warm, the bed was soft, and the satin feel if Lilly‚Äôs skin against his had lulled him into the deepest sleep he had had in …