GDL Shadowrun

Guns, Loot, and EXPLOSIONS!
Oct 13, 2075


A series of well timed grenades lobbed underneath the GSC’s vehicle during their attempted escape rendered inoperable in mere moments. After a brief skirmish with the ghouls, the runners dispatch their would-be hijackers and make haste to get their plan back on track.

Leaving their burnt out husk of a rented vehicle behind, the GSC loads their rented boat and heads out into the bay. Making their way south across the darkened water, a shadow begins to rise beneath their small craft. The former Seraphim spot the approaching danger mere moments before the seas explode in a writhing mass of tentacles formed from the sewn together carcasses of sharks. With their craft rendered once again immobile, the GSC fights to free themselves from the abomination holding their vessel. Raziel attempts to escape by flying their cargo away only to become surrounded by a mass of grotesque spirits. Quick thinking and even quicker reflexes allows her to drop beside the boat and hold on as the rest of the GSC frees themselves and speeds off across the water.

Their crate shattered, Raziel rescues its contents as she hauls herself into the boat only to discover that the tome in her hands is none other than the Gigas Codex! As Azriel and Raziel pour over the pages, attempting to absorb any of the arcane knowledge contained therein, Judas slows the boat in an effort to draw attention to the wounds he sustained while piloting the boat through the Matrix.

The momentary delay allows their assailant to make himself known. Appearing before them is the twisted form of a Blood Mage! Demanding the book, the puppet-master of the abominations from before is greeted only with the rev of an engine and a barrage of bullets and magic as the GSC speeds off, not wanting to complicate things more by confronting the assailant before them.

Reaching the dock, their trek is nearly complete as the runners load into their truck and head towards their final destination. With the end in sight, the GSC is once again set upon by rival runners attempting to intercept their package; their only warning being yet another EXPLOSION!

Another battle ensues with more losses taken. Judas and his truck are left clinging to life as the rest of the Runners engage their assailants. Scot showers bullets from the mounted turret as Azriel sends explosions of magic at their attackers. After seeing their leader fall to a single blow of Azriel’s axe, the remaining few decide that living to fight another day is the wiser of the decision.

Delivering their package and tending to their wounded, the GSC limps their way home to lick their wounds and collect their bounty. With their reputation rising with the morning sun, the GSC looks forward to what the future holds.

Oct 13, 2075

Seeing the group waiting ahead of them, the GSC takes the initiative. Turning the controls over to Judas, their rented van rushes past the waiting bikers and into the waiting loading dock of the waste water treatment plant. As they pass, Jackie drops one of the provided neurostun grenades amidst the group as Azriel manifests a sheet of ice below them.

The gas takes its effect and ice, mans mortal enemy since the dawn of time, proves to be too much for the bikers as tires skid and riders fall. Catching a glimmer of the trouble that may lay ahead, the second van driven by Crowley and Hemlock turns and heads off back down the highway away from the fray.

As the team waits of the garage door to close, one of the bikers managed to gain traction and make his way into the loading dock. After narrowly escaping being run down by the on charging bike, Azriel and the rest of the GSC manage to subdue their would be attacker.

With the door closed and their location temporarily secure, Jackie and Judas secure their new prisoner as Scot makes a cursory search of any potential listening equipment. Knowing that there is a mole in the employ of their Johnson, Scot notices the a hidden device within the loading dock, but cannot manage to pinpoint its location. Chancing discovery, the GSC disrupts devices in the vicinity to the best of their ability as they plan their next move. A cursory glance outside reveals the ambush waiting for them.

With plans crumbling around them, what will the GSC"s next move be?

Oct 13, 2075

The night of the run arrives and the GSC springs into action. Picking up the vehicles provided for them, the GSC makes its way towards the pickup. Despite keeping a sharp eye out, the runners fail to spot the tail that follows them from the pickup point.

Playing around with the new power he mastered, Balthazar and Judas practice communicating through the Mind Link. Amidst the random bouts of laughter and sighs of derision from the other two, Azriel works his way though the streets of Seattle to their destination. With the plant in sight, Azriel spots several bikers waiting in the wings along their path. Taking a hard right down a side street to buy some time, Azriel passes on what he saw to the others.

Taking a moment, Judas deploys one of the drones provided by their Johnson. Taking a look around, the GSC find that the activity around the treatment plant is far and beyond what would be considered normal for the time. A herd of Go-Gangers patrol the perimeter of the treatment plant.

How will the GSC adapt to this unforeseen turn of events?

Oct 11, 2075

Discussing their options and appropriately weighing the pros and cons; the GSC has come to an agreement on a mission.

Contacting their Johnson, Samuel Ahmed, to arrange another meeting; the GSC makes their way to The Oracle. Amidst the music, atmosphere, and even astral distractions experienced by those astrally sensitive; Samuel Ahmed imparts to the runners the key bits of information needed for their run.

The GSC is to pick up their package in Everette in vehicles provided by the Johnson and make the delivery at a location in Lakewood. Attempts to steal their package is expected as Samuel believes that there is a leak in his security force somewhere (a leak that the GSC knows all to well truly exists) and he extends the offer of a bonus if the GSC can help smoke out the mole. Before parting ways and wishing them good luck, Samuel provides one last bit of assistance. The box he slides across to the team contains a number of items that may come in handy; including but not limited to several grenades, anti vehicle rockets, magic items, and a monofillament whip which is quickly snatched up into the enthusiastic hands of Raziel.

Taking their leave, the team gathers once again to discuss their plan of action. Deciding that the pre-arranged plan of Samuel is almost certainly compromised, the GSC hatches an alternate scheme. Deciding on a false flag operation, Judas and Scot will take their cargo south via the waterways after the rest of the team heads off with the trucks along the designated route. As such, other preparations are quickly put into action.

Judas and Azriel manage to set aside past grudges long enough to allow for a training day in defensive driving; the stress of which quite possible took years off of both their lives. Raziel spends her day training with her new monofillament whip, sending many of her fellow runners diving for cover in the process. Jackie quickly finds a likely target for the commandeering of a work vehicle used at their pick up point. After several drinks and little needed seduction, she lifts the key from the unconscious man’s pants and quickly has a copy made. Raziel and Azriel manage to gain a couple favors from Crowley and Lilly respectively in order to occupy the second vehicle.

The day fast approaching and most of the preparations complete, the GSC waits in anxious anticipation for what is sure to be a long nights work.

Licking Wounds and Finding Work
September 10 - October 10, 2075

Having made it back to Seattle more or less in one piece, the GSC takes much needed time off to lick their wounds. Each member spending their time to improve their gear or themselves respectively, its not long before the itch for another run needs to be scratched. Life, fortunately, is always able to lend a helping hand.

Scot receives word from Jackson about possible employment. Upon meeting their Johnson, the team is presented with the an offer of a heist. Over awkward conversation and equally awkward erotic cakes, the team is given the few details needed to perk their interest. A mystical weapon is being transported to a new location, and this particular Johnson would like to have it in her possession. Leaving to consider the offer, its not long before yet another lands at their door.

After their typical amorous activities that precede all of their dealings, Thatcher imparts to Jackie information for another job. Meeting with their Johnson at the Ace of Spades, the team receives the offer of a protection detail assignment for the transport of a particular piece of material. Their Johnson informs them that a theft attempt is imminent as their is a leak in their security information, and that the weapon must be protected at all costs.

Wait… did he say “protect a weapon?”

Indeed he did fair runners!

Discreet prodding reveals that the mission in question is to protect the very same weapon that the previous Johnson offered to pay to have them steal! Intrigue abounds as the GSC weighs their options.

Good things come in threes, and the GSC finds it no different for jobs. Azriel is approached by Lilly with a job offer of her own. A client wishes to have a particular person inserted into Universal Omitech, a genetic and biotech corporation; and she thought of none better than he to perform it.

Now, with work to consider and time slipping, the GSC convenes to decide their next next step….

Stupid Brownies!

The moment Jackie woke up, she new it was going to be one of those days. She could feel it in her bullets. The air seemed to hold an almost electric tension in it, a buzzing undercurrent of impending danger…’course, it could just be static buildup from all of those half-mech animals running around. Those bizarre tech-twisted creatures were nothing natural; they were dangerous, man-tampered abominations – Jackie wanted one desperately. Maybe a cybersquirrel or a mechamole would stray to close to her always twitching fingers…

Around Jackie, the members of Grey Sky Company (very officious name for their ragtag gang of mismatched ruffians) were rousing themselves…all except Judas, who still sat bolt upright against the same tree he’d sat down by the night before. There was more red in his eyes than white, with dark purple circles underneath. He’d pay later for that Longhaul dose, oh yes he would.

In a short time the group was up and back in motion, with their assignments in tow. The two scientists seemed caught between excitement at being so close to the goal, but also increasingly anxiety. Jackie idly wondered what they were expecting to find, and not sharing. It didn’t matter. More than enough ammo and C4 to deal with whatever was ahead.

But what turned out to be ahead was the absolute last thing Jackie (or anyone else for that matter) would have expected. In a wide mountain-side clearing, what remained of the Jetliner’s fuselage was lodged firmly at the peak of a large stone spire. Wreckage lay scattered across the ground, and strange half-mechanized plants and animals were visible in great number. Strangest of all, however, was what lay at the base of the spire; mostly embedded in the rock face, as if part of a natural feature, was a woman…an honest to god, completely naked and fused to the stone, woman.

“Help….me” she said weakly, opening her eyes.

Jackie jumped back half a mile, rifle up in a flash. The gang’s reaction was similar. Talking rock…probably bad. But no threatening moves followed from the stone lady, and the Lockheed employees felt that she was probably a member of the doomed plane’s crew.

After some discussion, the GSC decided an attempt should be made to free the woman from her rocky tomb. A flurry of welding torches, pick axes, and finally (happily) some well placed sticks of explosive shattered the area surrounding the pitiful woman, who finally fell loose of the spire. It was only then that everyone could see the extent to which rock had fused and replaced her flesh…she was almost certainly dying.

“Snake man…he comes at night” the poor woman cried out. She had said something similar several times over the last hour. It was concerning. If there was a half-snake half-man monster out there…well, it might make a trek home a little too exciting. Better to be the hunter than the hunted, it was decided.

Judas opted to stay back at the clearing and guard the woman, while the rest went on to track down “Snake man”. With his injury, it was difficult to say who was in worse shape, him or his dying charge.

The stone woman had mentioned the north, and sure enough, Jackie’s eagle eye picked out the sinuous marks of a slithering snake in the dust almost instantly. “This way, follow me!” she exclaimed, bounding off at a run. Azriel swore under his breathe, then took off after her. “Wait for me, Jackie! You’ll trample over the tracks! Get back here, you idiot!” For about an hour, the group followed after the distant crashing noises of Jackie’s overly enthusiastic pursuit. Azriel ran with his eye on the ground, making sure of the track…so when he finally glanced up, it was just in time to avoid plowing right over Jackie. She stood in a dark, rocky alcove scratching her head with an annoyed expression.

“Lost the fuggin’ trail” she muttered irritably, glancing around.
“Told you”, Azriel said chidingly. “Anyway, how about…in there?” He pointed

Right in front of them, the rocky terrain had nearly concealed a dark gap in the mountainside. When the runners got closer, they could see that a dark tunnel extended beyond the opening…with an uncountable number or snake-like marks in the dirt just outside of it.

“Well, looks like we’ve found our snake hole” Balthazar observed, loosening up his katanas in their sheaths. Everyone nodded. Jackie pulled down her low-light vision goggles. “Let’s do this.” The group made their way into the tunnel. The walking was not easy, as the floor was littered with boulders and pierced with stalagmites. Suddenly, there came a faint scraping noise, and a quick flicker of shadow.

“Did you hear that?” one of the scientists hissed. The runners nodded grimly, readying their weapons. The flash of motion came again, but closer. “It’s small, but quick” Azriel whispered.
Balthazar nodded, and crept forward. “If it shows itself,” he said, “I’m going to trap it”. The runners waited, tensed up like springs. A small figure separated from the darkness of the tunnel, and faster than though, Balthazar moved; he flung up a shield wall around the enemy, and threw a mana bolt a heartbeat later.

The bolt struck true, but did not take down the thing trapped inside his shield bubble. Everyone moved closer to look. A tiny, pug-faced, fiercely snarling creature was raging incoherently in gutteral grunts and snarls, throwing its tiny fists against the shield.

“I’ll be damned”, said Balthazar. “It’s a Brownie. Nasty little Fae things. Not too bright, but plenty strong and annoying.”
“Great. Snake monsters and Brownies” Azriel sighed. “Alright, lets keeping moving. Watch yourselves everyone. Balthazar, deal with that thing.” Another mana bolt had it on its leathery backside snoring in an instant.

The group pressed on, carefully clambering over boulders and around columns. The tunnel suddenly opened up into a large cavernous space, almost too dim to see anything in. “I’ve got a bad feeling..” said Aphrodite, rubbing her arm nervously.

That feeling proved justified when a moment later, the cavern erupted in howls and chattering shouts. Rocks rained from the darkness, too many to dodge entirely. “More Brownies!” Balthazar shouted, “A whole blasted nest of them!” The Grey Sky Company opened fire, blasting somewhat erratically into the darkness. The Brownies could use the darkness for cover, and hide around the rocks to avoid thermal vision.

Jackie gritted her teeth as a rock bounced off her rifle barrel, jarring her aim. “Stupid brownie!” she thought. “Stupid stupid midgit brownies.”

September 9 - 10, 2075

Caught in a pitch battle, the GSC battles for their survival. Losing both Judas and Balthazar in the fray, the team manages to drop many of the rival runners, sending the rest into a full retreat. Azriel and Jackie see to the fallen runners, disabling their motorcycles and allowing them a swift end; as Scot quickly sees to Judas and Balthazar, plugging the holes and stopping the blood loss. After a quick healing, Azriel and Judas get into a heated argument. The mission more pressing, the two resolve to discuss matters further when back at home.

The team begins their ascent towards the downed plane’s location with varying success. As they move ever closer to their destination, the GSC encounters ever stranger sights. Animals turned half mechanical, plants taking on a metallic sheen, and each sight becoming more alien than the last as the approach. Deciding that taking the opportunity to rest is the better idea while facing the strangeness ahead, the team makes camp for the night.

As dawn breaks, so to do the GSC break camp and continue to press on. After a short hike, the crash sight finally comes into view. It takes little time to realize that this is the epicenter of the altered landscape. Sending ones of his drones ahead to scout out the area, the team discovers a truly grotesque sight. Forming into the rock face itself is a female form who opens eyes of granite….

What bizarre dangers lie ahead for the GSC?!

September 9, 2075

Making haste in an effort to reach their objective before their competitors do, the GSC pushes on.

As the sun begins its decent toward the horizon, Scot receives a message over his link from a rather dapper looking dwarf urging them to turn around and head back. Not willing to be dissuaded, the GSC pushes on. Not much longer, a second message is sent to the driver, Judas. Once again unwilling to be intimidated or discouraged, the team pushes forward.

As the day reaches its twilight hour, the GSC finds themselves at the foothills of the mountains. It’s not long before the dapper dwarf from earlier is spotted on a cliff top just ahead. Skidding to a halt, all attention is focused on the mysterious runner above them. Azriel’s keen eyes spot others in hiding, and a tense standoff begins.

At Judas’ request, Azriel begins a dialog with the apparent leader above who assures the GSC that he has no desire for violence and urges the team to drive onward. Despite the apparent good will, Azriel’s has his misgivings, but continues to attempt to parlay from a distance. Then, all comes to a screeching halt.

A barley audible pop and brief flash are all the warning given before Judas’ bullet slices a hole through the fellow at the hilltop. In that split second, everything changes. Gunfire, explosions, and screams echo through the valley as a frantic firefight begins. Azriel’s spirits strike fear into the heart of the nearby Troll. Jackie’s missile streaks through the air, the resulting explosion engulfing the two other opposing runners. Scot wages an invisible war in the matrix against the two other deckers. In the fray, the opposing sniper manages to put a bullet into Judas’ chest, leaving him clinging to life. A fireball engulfs the truck, singing several of the others as a mage pops into view. Fear, confusion, and near desperation grip the hearts of all.

One down, exposed, and immobile; everything hinges on the next few moments….

September 9th, 2075 (Every Run Needs More Moose)

A race to the crash site it on!

After losing four hours while avoiding the pit trap dug along their path, the Gray Sky Company presses onward through the night in an attempt to make up precious time!

Just past dawn, another obstacle appears in their path in the form of the old forest man Graeme and his giant of a dog, Helle. Azriel and Balthazar move to parlay with the man in the road amid the morning mist. With Judas’ impatience growing, they gleam several bits of priceless information about what lies ahead.

Along with the Tirtaringire princess Elerose and a contingent of her Ghosts patrolling the area in search of the Apple of Discord, the team discovers that they are not alone in their search for the downed plane. A competing group of Lockheed hired runners passed through a mere few hours before. With Graeme’s blessing and a promise to punish the rudeness of the earlier team, the GSC again takes to the road.

Their sense of urgency heightened, desperate measures are taken. Azriel summons forth a great spirit of the forest to quicken their pace, taking harm to himself at the strain in the process. In a few short moments, a spirit in the form of a moose appears and the truck lurches forward at near break neck speeds. In a matter of minutes, they cover a distance that would have taken them several hours at their current pace.

Nerves shaken and hair frazzled, the team stops to refuel in the town of Elma; a quiet little village in which the residents live in commune with nature. Azriel takes the opportunity to trade the remaining use of one of his spirits for the day for a herbal remedy for the still sickened members of the group. Barely managing to choke down the foul liquid, Scot and Jackie immediately begin to feel its effects as their stomachs begin to settle and their road to recovery is shortened.

As the group gets back underway, Azriel hears back from his spirit he sent out earlier to scout ahead. The competing runners are not far beyond them. As night closes in, so to does the GSC close the gap on their quarry; and with the setting of the sun, a fire fight is almost sure to ensue.

September 8 - 9, 2075

A harsh cocktail of sickness and the high seas await some of the Grey Sky Company!

Boarding the Stingray in the dead of night, the Runners are greeted by their coyote Enoch and his deckhand Jaden. Dumped into the hold of the boat with the truck, the group makes the best of their cramped quarters on the journey southward.

As the long day wears on, Judas and Scot manage to make headway in winning their battle with the flu! Unfortunately, Jackie finds that the rough seas are too much for her already weakened stomach as she spends a miserable day abed.

Dawn breaks and gives way to mid day. Mid day turns to evening, and in the light of the failing sun, the cliffs of Tirtaringir come into sight. Whatever relief is felt at the knowledge that their voyage was coming to an end quickly fades as Enoch makes a mad dash towards the cliff face, seemingly attempting to smash the boat on the rocks ahead. Tension abates as the smuggler deftly navigates into a small inlet hidden by the rocks and docks his boat against the cliff face. The last bits of twilight ebb away to night as the team is lifted, truck and all, via winch to the top of the cliff.

Under cover of darkness, the truck navigates the dense forest on sensors alone barely missing falling into a pit trap! The Runners have little time to count their blessings before a band of trolls spring up from the ground and being an assault! Amid flashes of gunfire and bursts of flame, the team manages to escape their would-be ambushers, leaving several of them to burn like torches in the night.

What surprises await our Runners as they press farther into Elf Lands?!


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