GDL Shadowrun

Prep for operation Cover Our Ass

Looks like Syn hit the bottle hard again and has been doing his best impression of a coma patient. It’s nice to know that even he finds his limit every so often. Well since he is MIA I thought I, Judas, should leave a note in his diary to fill him in on all the work we did while he was in the bathtub singing the poke-rap.

We started off by collaborating on what we didn’t know and realized that we NEEDED to find a way to know which transport our mark will be taking. So we did some digging into our contacts and found two guys that work for McMillan prison that could be blackmailed. One of which frequents a local bar. WHICH APPARENTLY MEANS I HAVE TO GO. Fuckdammit. The place had shit fit written all over it. Well we got in and got to work.

Raziel located the guy we were going to bribe and started hitting on the attractive guy in his group. After which point Balthazar played the roll of the jealous ex-boyfriend and started high fiving the guys friends in the face with his fist. Raziel played the damsel in distress and had the schmuck “rescue” her out a side door. Once there the tables turned; shock gloves to his throat Raziel brokered a deal. Two grand, and a promise to leave him alone, and he will supply us with the information about which transport our mark will be using.

After that we regrouped and continued our prep work. I took out an armored car for a test drive to determine the weaknesses, and found few. The thing is basically air force 1 on wheels. Once disabled, if such a thing is even possible, we think we can power weld through the exterior hinges on the door. We did however also scout out the routes likely to be taken and found a few ambush points.

Gohdammit… Syn is teabagging our dishes… gotta go.

Friday 13 May 2072
19 Aug 2014

Planning on how in the hell we’re going to get Seppo out of that prison transport…

The intel that we were able to get from Andronikos:
*Seppo is going to be transferred in an armored lead-mined vehicle.
*He will be transferred to either Fort Lewis or Josep Correctional Facility.
*The trucks are leaving McMillian at 1pm on Sunday 15 May 2072.
Intel that we were able to gather on our own:
*The model of truck he’ll be transferred in comes right off the line with the lead lining.
*We have maps of the 4 possible routes to the 2 prisons.
*Nothing is impeding any of the routes, so they are all viable options.
*The trucks will be impenetrable to thermo vision.
*We know the vehicles are being rented to Lanford Security Conglomerate.
*You can asterally project in to the trucks, though magicians can form barriers against this if they are employed to do so.

There was also discussion about potential plans of attack, but no consensus was reach about anything.

Thurs. 12 May 2072 IV
2 Aug 2014

Finally completeing the run on McMillian…

Once everyone is back in the van, Hartwin tosses the Taser we gave him out the window, resulting in a debate about tasering him in return. (We choose not to). Raziel requested a drop off point from Anson, which turned out to be an establishment by the name of Acequadlux in Northern Redmund. (Sidenote: There will apparently be a fight with the “Punk-Rockness Monster at some point.) The Bloody Mountain Boys are at the shop when we arrive. Hartwin leaves to van and walks right into the shop, where he is greeted uproariously and him and Anson embrace, in a totally non-homosexual way or course. The general consensus is that since everyone was healed on the way to the drop point, a celebratory round (or 5) of beers is in order. Everyone heads over to the Surge Tare Room and a night of drinking and smoking and tormenting Judas and bocce ball played with bowling balls ensues. Also, a game of Raziel keep-away went on throughout the night.

The following afternoon…approximately 1pm…when everyone is mostly conscious…
The runners receive a text from Andronikos: “Meet me in Five Tags in 10 minutes”. Raziel, Balthazar and Azriel go to meet him while everyone else goes in search of breakfast. At Five Tags, the runners meet Andronikos, who can neither be classified as masculine or feminine. Overall, they’re a very androgynous human in a finely tailored pinstripe suit. Andronikos informs them that in 2 days, Seppo Love will be transported to a different prison, since McMillian is more or less destroyed after a “visit” from the runners. They learn that he’s a technomancer who stuck his nose where it didn’t belong, but not much else. Instructions are given to drop Seppo off at McHue’s on the corner of 5th and Vancouver St once he’s free of the transport. The deal is this: we do this and the Yakuza won’t see the video of Jackie and Balthazar hacking the hand off of the NTBK guy (who was in fact a Yakuza) that Andronikos is in possession of.

Thurs. 12 May 2072 III
22 July 2014

We resume our assault on the prison…

The Quiet Team made it to the entrance to the High-Security are, where there is not only a biometric optical reader on the door but also a ward on the floor to impede any magic casting. Luckily they had an unconscious guard in the showers. Azreil gathered his up and used his eye to open the door. At this point, Klaxons are beginning to go off around the prison. Using thermal vision, they determine there are 3 bodies on the other side of the door. The solution, open the door and toss in a flash-bang, which damages 2/3 guards. Raziel shoots one with her crossbow and Syn attempts to shoot another and misses, which causes the guards to retreat further into the basement. Azriel tosses is a smoke grenade to cover their movements and they head into the high-security area. Thermal vision shows a humanoid shape around the corner. Azriel attempts to wall-run around the corner and Narcojet said humanoid, which fails. Turns out that there are 3 guys around the corner and they are carrying fuck-you automatics. Raziel takes a rubber bullet but manages to throw a flash-bag before rolling around the corner, leaving the guards very injured. Unfortunately, a flash-bag lands near Raziel from behind us and knocks Raziel, Hartwin and Palmiro unconscious.

Meanwhile, the Loud Team leaves the barely standing guardroom and moves onto the cell where NTBK guy is supposed to be. The card-key Balthazar took off a guard fails so he tries to punch out the glass in the cell door window. Much to his dismay, it turns out to be bulletproof glass. Jackie then proves how much easier it is to pick the lock. The cell’s inhabitants are an old man and an overweight orc, neither of which is the NTBK guy. They inform us that Marzio, which is NTBK guy’s name, is down the hall. After finding the right cell down the hall, they proceed to kill and dismember Marzino and take his hand for proof of death. Balthazar thought it’s be fun to show off and kill him by channeling lighting through is katana and blowing this guy away. At his point, the Quiet Team is in deep shit, so they book it through the prison to try and help their comrades in the basement. They arrive just in time to see the guards dropping empty stim-needles. Balthazar failed at hitting a guard in the face with his katana but Jackie efficiently mowed down one with her assault rifle. Since guards kept showing up and there were 3 unconscious team members, we said fuck it and abandoned Seppo Love in favor of a full retreat from the prison.

Thurs. 12 May 2072 II
15 July 2014

Picking up in the prison kitchens…
We took a couple uniforms and Azriel took the unconscious guard’s uniform, complete with key-card. An alert to the guards began to sound but was cut off and Raziel received a text message saying, “I took care of that for you.” This turned out to be Andronikos. We broke off into new teams for attendance reasons. Syn, Raziel and Azriel went off to find Hartwin’s cell. Azriel lead Syn as a “prisoner” through the prison (the Chewbacca ruse) in order to accomplish this. Upon finding Hartwin’s cell; we discovered that he insisted that we also free his roommate, Palmiro. We took them, arming Hartwin with a Taser, and attempted to start a riot by releasing prisoners but the key card stopped working after we open about 4 cells. From there the Silent Team headed towards the basement where the high-security prisoners are kept. The objective is to rescue Seppo Love, for unknown reasons. Upon encountering a guard in the shower area, Azriel stalled him with a bluff while invisible Raziel snuck around his and delivered a shock to the back of his neck. After a secondary shock delivered by Azriel, that guard is damn near dead now.

At the same time, the Loud Team (Jackie, Uriel and Balthazar) went on to cause a riot/distractions and take care of Need-To-Be-Killed (NTBK) guy, who is a member of a local Asian gang. They wandered through the prison and onto the patio, where they found a guard “dog”. Luckily for them Judas sniped it from the crow’s nest, resulting in an obliterated Doberman-bot. They continued on and into the chapel, where they encountered 3 guards. Jackie’s solution to the problem was to throw a grenade into the chapel. They are now hamburger, which you do not roll initiative against. They continued on and reached the master guardroom. Again, their solution was to blow-up this room too, resulting in the walls literally falling down around them.

Until next time runners…

So I figured I'd show you all just how useful my drones are...

The newbies

Well well well. Who’da thunk Raziel would have cool friends?! Certainly not me.
Sin has guns, and a very bad attitude, and Azriel seems not all right in the coconut – such NICE people! Although….. wait…what is this?! THEY DRANK MY COFFEE!




In Prison, day 1

Thursday, May 12th, 2072 – Day of the prison break
Judas is gonna be hiding in a tower. Why am I not surprised?
Sin will be covering Scot as he attempts to make it to the control room and release doors/set off the fire alarm.
Jackie and Balthazar will be causing distractions as much as they can while also inciting a riot.
Azriel and I are going back to the old patterns; we are hoping to sneak through directly to Hartwin’s cell.
It is “Buttfuck early in the morning” according to the clock. Of course they make us load and unload the truck. I suppose they have to get a bit of work out of us. We got to the prison and unloaded the supplies into the dock. Mind jacked the guard into opening the door for us so we could bring them straight into the kitchen. Tried to swipe a card key from a guard while Balthazar “tripped” and exploded some soy creamer all over the stove. Yah, I said it. Exploded his soy creamer…Anyways. Failed miserably. So instead I shocked the hell out of the guard while Sin and Jackie intimidated the Mexican kitchen staff. The guard didn’t like that much and tried to shock me back. He may have succeeded. That pissed off Azriel, and apparently Balthazar, as they both sent lightening coursing through him almost instantly. It may have been a little much. Sin was already on crowd control, walking the Mexicans past me into the freezer. It was about then I turned around to see Jackie outlined by flames from both stoves as she started to light everything ablaze. In the chaos she had also found a card key which Scot came to get so we could get moving. Because at this point, we need to move…

Thurs. 12 May 2072
01 July 2014

We gathered some intel from various sources, including the guard schedule, Hartwin’s cell number and various details about the interior of the prison. The plan was to have three groups; Scot and Syn head to the guardroom where Scot can hack into the security system, Balthazar and Jackie go and start a riot and be generally distracting and Raziel and Azriel go find Hartwin. Judas was in the crow’s nest sniping/watching with his drones. We then began the run on the prison. We pulled up to the kitchens in a delivery truck and, dressed as workers, began unloading and taking supplies into the kitchen. Once inside, we caused a wild ruckus in the kitchen, which ended with an unconscious prison guard, the prison kitchen workers being locked naked in the fridge and all of the stoves on fire.


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