Balthazar was born running, so to speak, the only son of a pair of awakened runners, many of his earliest memories involve being babysat by spirits summoned by his mother to keep him safe while his parents brought home Bacon. Between runs, they taught him their respective trades. Since his mother was a magician and his father was an adept, and he showed aptitude for both paths he ended up becoming a mix of the two. Eventually he was old enough to star going on his own runs, to begin making a name for himself.

About a year ago, his parents left the city on a long term, highly covert operation organized by some mysterious financial backer. At first there were regular communications from them, but it’s been several months now, and Balthazar is getting worried.

Meanwhile, he has hooked up with a decent crew, though he hasn’t gotten close enough to any of them yet to confide his concerns about his parents, he is considering asking them for help in trying to at least find out who they were working for, or where they might have gone.


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