GDL Shadowrun

Thurs. 12 May 2072 IV

2 Aug 2014

Finally completeing the run on McMillian…

Once everyone is back in the van, Hartwin tosses the Taser we gave him out the window, resulting in a debate about tasering him in return. (We choose not to). Raziel requested a drop off point from Anson, which turned out to be an establishment by the name of Acequadlux in Northern Redmund. (Sidenote: There will apparently be a fight with the “Punk-Rockness Monster at some point.) The Bloody Mountain Boys are at the shop when we arrive. Hartwin leaves to van and walks right into the shop, where he is greeted uproariously and him and Anson embrace, in a totally non-homosexual way or course. The general consensus is that since everyone was healed on the way to the drop point, a celebratory round (or 5) of beers is in order. Everyone heads over to the Surge Tare Room and a night of drinking and smoking and tormenting Judas and bocce ball played with bowling balls ensues. Also, a game of Raziel keep-away went on throughout the night.

The following afternoon…approximately 1pm…when everyone is mostly conscious…
The runners receive a text from Andronikos: “Meet me in Five Tags in 10 minutes”. Raziel, Balthazar and Azriel go to meet him while everyone else goes in search of breakfast. At Five Tags, the runners meet Andronikos, who can neither be classified as masculine or feminine. Overall, they’re a very androgynous human in a finely tailored pinstripe suit. Andronikos informs them that in 2 days, Seppo Love will be transported to a different prison, since McMillian is more or less destroyed after a “visit” from the runners. They learn that he’s a technomancer who stuck his nose where it didn’t belong, but not much else. Instructions are given to drop Seppo off at McHue’s on the corner of 5th and Vancouver St once he’s free of the transport. The deal is this: we do this and the Yakuza won’t see the video of Jackie and Balthazar hacking the hand off of the NTBK guy (who was in fact a Yakuza) that Andronikos is in possession of.



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