GDL Shadowrun

Thurs. 12 May 2072 III

22 July 2014

We resume our assault on the prison…

The Quiet Team made it to the entrance to the High-Security are, where there is not only a biometric optical reader on the door but also a ward on the floor to impede any magic casting. Luckily they had an unconscious guard in the showers. Azreil gathered his up and used his eye to open the door. At this point, Klaxons are beginning to go off around the prison. Using thermal vision, they determine there are 3 bodies on the other side of the door. The solution, open the door and toss in a flash-bang, which damages 2/3 guards. Raziel shoots one with her crossbow and Syn attempts to shoot another and misses, which causes the guards to retreat further into the basement. Azriel tosses is a smoke grenade to cover their movements and they head into the high-security area. Thermal vision shows a humanoid shape around the corner. Azriel attempts to wall-run around the corner and Narcojet said humanoid, which fails. Turns out that there are 3 guys around the corner and they are carrying fuck-you automatics. Raziel takes a rubber bullet but manages to throw a flash-bag before rolling around the corner, leaving the guards very injured. Unfortunately, a flash-bag lands near Raziel from behind us and knocks Raziel, Hartwin and Palmiro unconscious.

Meanwhile, the Loud Team leaves the barely standing guardroom and moves onto the cell where NTBK guy is supposed to be. The card-key Balthazar took off a guard fails so he tries to punch out the glass in the cell door window. Much to his dismay, it turns out to be bulletproof glass. Jackie then proves how much easier it is to pick the lock. The cell’s inhabitants are an old man and an overweight orc, neither of which is the NTBK guy. They inform us that Marzio, which is NTBK guy’s name, is down the hall. After finding the right cell down the hall, they proceed to kill and dismember Marzino and take his hand for proof of death. Balthazar thought it’s be fun to show off and kill him by channeling lighting through is katana and blowing this guy away. At his point, the Quiet Team is in deep shit, so they book it through the prison to try and help their comrades in the basement. They arrive just in time to see the guards dropping empty stim-needles. Balthazar failed at hitting a guard in the face with his katana but Jackie efficiently mowed down one with her assault rifle. Since guards kept showing up and there were 3 unconscious team members, we said fuck it and abandoned Seppo Love in favor of a full retreat from the prison.



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