GDL Shadowrun

Thurs. 12 May 2072 II

15 July 2014

Picking up in the prison kitchens…
We took a couple uniforms and Azriel took the unconscious guard’s uniform, complete with key-card. An alert to the guards began to sound but was cut off and Raziel received a text message saying, “I took care of that for you.” This turned out to be Andronikos. We broke off into new teams for attendance reasons. Syn, Raziel and Azriel went off to find Hartwin’s cell. Azriel lead Syn as a “prisoner” through the prison (the Chewbacca ruse) in order to accomplish this. Upon finding Hartwin’s cell; we discovered that he insisted that we also free his roommate, Palmiro. We took them, arming Hartwin with a Taser, and attempted to start a riot by releasing prisoners but the key card stopped working after we open about 4 cells. From there the Silent Team headed towards the basement where the high-security prisoners are kept. The objective is to rescue Seppo Love, for unknown reasons. Upon encountering a guard in the shower area, Azriel stalled him with a bluff while invisible Raziel snuck around his and delivered a shock to the back of his neck. After a secondary shock delivered by Azriel, that guard is damn near dead now.

At the same time, the Loud Team (Jackie, Uriel and Balthazar) went on to cause a riot/distractions and take care of Need-To-Be-Killed (NTBK) guy, who is a member of a local Asian gang. They wandered through the prison and onto the patio, where they found a guard “dog”. Luckily for them Judas sniped it from the crow’s nest, resulting in an obliterated Doberman-bot. They continued on and into the chapel, where they encountered 3 guards. Jackie’s solution to the problem was to throw a grenade into the chapel. They are now hamburger, which you do not roll initiative against. They continued on and reached the master guardroom. Again, their solution was to blow-up this room too, resulting in the walls literally falling down around them.

Until next time runners…



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