GDL Shadowrun

Thurs. 12 May 2072

01 July 2014

We gathered some intel from various sources, including the guard schedule, Hartwin’s cell number and various details about the interior of the prison. The plan was to have three groups; Scot and Syn head to the guardroom where Scot can hack into the security system, Balthazar and Jackie go and start a riot and be generally distracting and Raziel and Azriel go find Hartwin. Judas was in the crow’s nest sniping/watching with his drones. We then began the run on the prison. We pulled up to the kitchens in a delivery truck and, dressed as workers, began unloading and taking supplies into the kitchen. Once inside, we caused a wild ruckus in the kitchen, which ended with an unconscious prison guard, the prison kitchen workers being locked naked in the fridge and all of the stoves on fire.



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