GDL Shadowrun


Oct 13, 2075

The night of the run arrives and the GSC springs into action. Picking up the vehicles provided for them, the GSC makes its way towards the pickup. Despite keeping a sharp eye out, the runners fail to spot the tail that follows them from the pickup point.

Playing around with the new power he mastered, Balthazar and Judas practice communicating through the Mind Link. Amidst the random bouts of laughter and sighs of derision from the other two, Azriel works his way though the streets of Seattle to their destination. With the plant in sight, Azriel spots several bikers waiting in the wings along their path. Taking a hard right down a side street to buy some time, Azriel passes on what he saw to the others.

Taking a moment, Judas deploys one of the drones provided by their Johnson. Taking a look around, the GSC find that the activity around the treatment plant is far and beyond what would be considered normal for the time. A herd of Go-Gangers patrol the perimeter of the treatment plant.

How will the GSC adapt to this unforeseen turn of events?



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