GDL Shadowrun


Oct 13, 2075

Seeing the group waiting ahead of them, the GSC takes the initiative. Turning the controls over to Judas, their rented van rushes past the waiting bikers and into the waiting loading dock of the waste water treatment plant. As they pass, Jackie drops one of the provided neurostun grenades amidst the group as Azriel manifests a sheet of ice below them.

The gas takes its effect and ice, mans mortal enemy since the dawn of time, proves to be too much for the bikers as tires skid and riders fall. Catching a glimmer of the trouble that may lay ahead, the second van driven by Crowley and Hemlock turns and heads off back down the highway away from the fray.

As the team waits of the garage door to close, one of the bikers managed to gain traction and make his way into the loading dock. After narrowly escaping being run down by the on charging bike, Azriel and the rest of the GSC manage to subdue their would be attacker.

With the door closed and their location temporarily secure, Jackie and Judas secure their new prisoner as Scot makes a cursory search of any potential listening equipment. Knowing that there is a mole in the employ of their Johnson, Scot notices the a hidden device within the loading dock, but cannot manage to pinpoint its location. Chancing discovery, the GSC disrupts devices in the vicinity to the best of their ability as they plan their next move. A cursory glance outside reveals the ambush waiting for them.

With plans crumbling around them, what will the GSC"s next move be?



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