GDL Shadowrun


September 9, 2075

Making haste in an effort to reach their objective before their competitors do, the GSC pushes on.

As the sun begins its decent toward the horizon, Scot receives a message over his link from a rather dapper looking dwarf urging them to turn around and head back. Not willing to be dissuaded, the GSC pushes on. Not much longer, a second message is sent to the driver, Judas. Once again unwilling to be intimidated or discouraged, the team pushes forward.

As the day reaches its twilight hour, the GSC finds themselves at the foothills of the mountains. It’s not long before the dapper dwarf from earlier is spotted on a cliff top just ahead. Skidding to a halt, all attention is focused on the mysterious runner above them. Azriel’s keen eyes spot others in hiding, and a tense standoff begins.

At Judas’ request, Azriel begins a dialog with the apparent leader above who assures the GSC that he has no desire for violence and urges the team to drive onward. Despite the apparent good will, Azriel’s has his misgivings, but continues to attempt to parlay from a distance. Then, all comes to a screeching halt.

A barley audible pop and brief flash are all the warning given before Judas’ bullet slices a hole through the fellow at the hilltop. In that split second, everything changes. Gunfire, explosions, and screams echo through the valley as a frantic firefight begins. Azriel’s spirits strike fear into the heart of the nearby Troll. Jackie’s missile streaks through the air, the resulting explosion engulfing the two other opposing runners. Scot wages an invisible war in the matrix against the two other deckers. In the fray, the opposing sniper manages to put a bullet into Judas’ chest, leaving him clinging to life. A fireball engulfs the truck, singing several of the others as a mage pops into view. Fear, confusion, and near desperation grip the hearts of all.

One down, exposed, and immobile; everything hinges on the next few moments….



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