GDL Shadowrun


YOU'RE A GENETIC JOKE! August 7 - September 7, 2075

The day of the mission arrives and we find Grey Sky Company one man down! Having scouted out the area as best they could, Azriel summons a pair of spirits to aid them in their endeavors. One he sends on ahead with Balthazar and Jackie as they make their way down to the appointed warehouse well in advance of the meeting. Meanwhile, Scot and Azriel head off to pick up their newly purchased SIM-rig.

Upon arrival to the meeting place, Balthazar and Jackie find it already crawling with hired Pike mercenaries! Using magic and wit, the pair manage to evade detection by the patrolling thugs and thus enter into the building and, with the aid of Azriel’s spirit, hide themselves within the rafters.

Meanwhile, having picked up their new tool, Scot and Azriel separate to head to their respective destinations. Scot takes up residence once again in their hotel to record the meeting as it is streamed to him. Azriel makes his way into the lower levels of Stuttgart and on to the warehouse at top speed, aided by his own spirit, in order to arrive in time to witness the meeting. Effortlessly evading detection by the patrolling goons, Azriel deftly scales the side of the building and climbs into the rafters, only to discover Balthazar sitting nearly in plain sight despite being concealed by the summoned spirit. In awe of the lack of ability and their concealment broken, Azriel and Jackie waste little time assisting Balthazar in hiding himself more competently before concealing themselves once again and playing the waiting game.

Their patience pays off as the team manages to capture footage of the constable Liam accepting a cache of weapons delivered by a Go-Gang of Orcs and Trolls. Tense words and even tenser minutes later, the deal is complete and the two parties depart. Their mission complete, the group prepares for the final leg of their journey.

With the encrypted file in hand, Azriel arranges a final meeting with the drug lord Javid. Meeting in a higher end restaurant for desert, the group makes the final deal and with the exchange of the footage for favor, the group prepares for the return journey to Seattle; but not before one last bit of sight seeing.

Their mission complete, they group receives their final payment from Hartwin with a promise of more to come. Money in hand, the team reunited, and an inebriated Crowley to deal with; the group spends their down time relaxing as best they can and wondering what is next to come.

What lies on the horizon for the Grey Sky Company and where will their next adventure take them?



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