GDL Shadowrun

Friday 13 May 2072

19 Aug 2014

Planning on how in the hell we’re going to get Seppo out of that prison transport…

The intel that we were able to get from Andronikos:
*Seppo is going to be transferred in an armored lead-mined vehicle.
*He will be transferred to either Fort Lewis or Josep Correctional Facility.
*The trucks are leaving McMillian at 1pm on Sunday 15 May 2072.
Intel that we were able to gather on our own:
*The model of truck he’ll be transferred in comes right off the line with the lead lining.
*We have maps of the 4 possible routes to the 2 prisons.
*Nothing is impeding any of the routes, so they are all viable options.
*The trucks will be impenetrable to thermo vision.
*We know the vehicles are being rented to Lanford Security Conglomerate.
*You can asterally project in to the trucks, though magicians can form barriers against this if they are employed to do so.

There was also discussion about potential plans of attack, but no consensus was reach about anything.



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