GDL Shadowrun


An arranged meeting amid the dirigible shops of Stuttgart; Azriel, Raziel, and Javid are accosted by a group of ghouls. The trio quickly duck into a nearby shop and barricade the door. However, much to the chagrin of the shops proprietor; one Amenemhet Joames, the hungry creatures begin to break their way in. With Azriel turning the shops floor into a ice rink in a effort to by time, Raziel, Javid, and Amenemhet escape out the back. Soon after joined by Azriel, the two runners utilize their magics to hide their presence from their would be pursuers as they navigate the back halls of the dirigible and escape to the far side.

Offering his thanks for their assistance, Javid heads off for safer areas with a promise to contact the duo soon. The Runners ready to leave, they are halted by a request from Amenemhet. Unable to ignore the shop keep’s plea for help, Azriel and Raziel contact the rest of their group and make their way back towards the shop to confront the hungry horde.

Their colleagues joining them, a short skirmish ensues. Avoiding the remaining patch of Azriel’s ice as much as they can (or merely sliding across it as they need) the group charges into the shop. The first enemy seen is quickly felled as Jackie, Balthazar, Azriel and his summoned spirit make short work of the unnatural foe. But no sooner do they dispatch one than two more appear from another shop behind them! Bullets, lightning, magic and spirits prove to be too much for the voracious predators as they quickly succomb to the Shadowrunner’ assault!

His shop saved with little collateral damage, Amenemhet thanks the Runners for their assistance and; after much assurances that, despite Jackie’s insinuations, he is in no danger, the group leaves with the promise to return and check on his well being later.

A crisis averted, adrenaline in their veins, and intrigue in the air; what will become of Javid’s promise to contact the group and will their plan be successful?



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