GDL Shadowrun


September 9 - 10, 2075

Caught in a pitch battle, the GSC battles for their survival. Losing both Judas and Balthazar in the fray, the team manages to drop many of the rival runners, sending the rest into a full retreat. Azriel and Jackie see to the fallen runners, disabling their motorcycles and allowing them a swift end; as Scot quickly sees to Judas and Balthazar, plugging the holes and stopping the blood loss. After a quick healing, Azriel and Judas get into a heated argument. The mission more pressing, the two resolve to discuss matters further when back at home.

The team begins their ascent towards the downed plane’s location with varying success. As they move ever closer to their destination, the GSC encounters ever stranger sights. Animals turned half mechanical, plants taking on a metallic sheen, and each sight becoming more alien than the last as the approach. Deciding that taking the opportunity to rest is the better idea while facing the strangeness ahead, the team makes camp for the night.

As dawn breaks, so to do the GSC break camp and continue to press on. After a short hike, the crash sight finally comes into view. It takes little time to realize that this is the epicenter of the altered landscape. Sending ones of his drones ahead to scout out the area, the team discovers a truly grotesque sight. Forming into the rock face itself is a female form who opens eyes of granite….

What bizarre dangers lie ahead for the GSC?!



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