Ball and Chain – Bondage Rave Club (Seattle)

The Forgotten Legacy Garden – What was once a seedy strip club has been turned into an early 2000’s style burlesque club and bar. Decorated to match a turn of the millennium establishment, The Garden’s trademark is to incorporate growing plants and flowers into its decor as well as boasting live entertainment, food, and drink. Owned and run by Lilly and Azriel’s second home.

Elma – A town in Tirtaringir where modern architecture exists in commune with the natural world creating unique buildings in a forested setting.

Ace Of Spades – A nightclub and bar for those seeking a classic and modern rock atmosphere.

Sash-Browns – Coffee shop which specializes in erotic pastries and cakes.

The Oracle – A night club specializing in entertainment designed to cater to the astarally sensitive crowd of Seattle. Designed around the looks of an actual Oracles Tent, magic sensitives are said to enter a hypnotic and almost euphoric trance.


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