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Houserule update 12Aug2014

Stun: characters fall unconscious when their stun damage track is full and they take physical damage equal to their Willpower.

Anything which boosts your initiative with a direct bonus or extra dice costs two times the nuyen and karma listed in the book.

Coldsim matrix initiative bonus is 2d6. Hotsim is 3d6.

For an extra 10%, your commlink can be a cyberdeck with the following attributes:
Sleaze 4. Data processing 3. Firewall 2. Attack 1. It can’t run any programs. Its device rating is unchanged.

The “chunky salsa” rule doesn’t exist. Instead, any explosion in a compressed area (where an explosion loses squares to walls or barriers) deals 3 extra damage to the whole area.

I’m limiting the number of sessions to prepare to a run. Players have two full sessions to plan and gather intel. This doesn’t include the sessions where players accept a job or we’re between runs. After accepting a run, I’ll provide the who/what/where/when (no why) and a map.

No characters die unless their player wants them to. If you would die, gain 2 less karma for the run. The GM is the final arbiter of ‘success’ and ‘failure’ (mainly as a incentive not to ditch your teammates and skip off with the payload).

Don’t be a dick; get along with the party.

Getting jobs is a special extended test equal to 2 x # of players at the table [1 month]. You get 1 die for each connection of all your contacts. Fixers give you +1.

Digital recon at the start of a run. I’ll provide basics you can find with 30 minute of research on the ’net. After that, anyone can join in a single special extended teamwork test to earn questions to ask about the job (each net hit = one question answered). If you ask a question which is hidden or has no reasonable answer, the question is still considered answered.

Between runs, you can buy anything you can afford. When you get a job (and therefore are on a time crunch), follow the availability rules.

house rules

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