GDL Shadowrun

September 7 - 8, 2075

Rest and recuperation abounds as the Grey Sky Company enjoys some much deserved down time. It’s not long before the itch (and need) for a new job must be scratched. After meeting with several potential employers, the group settles on a search and rescue mission for Lockheed. Getting the details from their Mr. Johnson, the group begins the task of preparing for their mission.

But just as the hour grows close, disaster strikes! A flu has ravaged its way through the shared small apartment of Grey Sky Company with only Azriel and Balthazar narrowly escaping its clutches. The group cannot, however, afford to forego the mission; so the preparation continues.

Loading up on supplies to take them in the woods of Tirtairngire, the group rendezvous with a pair of Lockheed “scientists” that their Johnson promised to send with them. A quick cursory look over of Batraz and Aphrodite implies that more meets the eye; and as Azriel peers into their auras’, the layers within layers of their new compatriots are laid bare before them. Clearly able to handle themselves, the newcomers seem to be satisfied with what they learn as Batraz searches over them in the same fashion.

Pleasantries exchanged, talents assessed, and tissues in hand; the group now heads towards the harbor to meet up with their Coyote, Enoch, who will smuggle them southward into Tirtairngire. Will the sickened members of Grey Sky Company regain their health in time for the long trip inland to the mountains? Will they find any survivors of the downed plane? Will they even make it to the Elf-Lands without discovery? Will these open ended questions ever have answers?! Only time will tell.

September 7, 2075

All is quiet on the home front! With a month of rest and recuperation under their belts, the Grey Sky Company is contacted by their most recent employer, Hartwin Burkhart. The burly Austrian invites the ream out for a night of drinking and revelry, and also to receive their share of the months worth of profits from Hartwin’s product. Some of the Runners accept the new income readily, others more reluctantly.

With cash in hand, the team spends their next few weeks in their own way. It’s not long, however, that the Runners begin the arduous task of searching for the next job. Each getting in touch with their contacts leads to several job opportunities.

After meeting successfully (and in some case with a bit less success) the team reconvenes to discuss options. After some lukewarm debate, Grey Sky Company settles on a search and rescue mission into the nearby mountains.

Prep work to begin, information to gather, and a new mission on the horizon; the Runners are beginning to take their first steps on their new path.

YOU'RE A GENETIC JOKE! August 7 - September 7, 2075

The day of the mission arrives and we find Grey Sky Company one man down! Having scouted out the area as best they could, Azriel summons a pair of spirits to aid them in their endeavors. One he sends on ahead with Balthazar and Jackie as they make their way down to the appointed warehouse well in advance of the meeting. Meanwhile, Scot and Azriel head off to pick up their newly purchased SIM-rig.

Upon arrival to the meeting place, Balthazar and Jackie find it already crawling with hired Pike mercenaries! Using magic and wit, the pair manage to evade detection by the patrolling thugs and thus enter into the building and, with the aid of Azriel’s spirit, hide themselves within the rafters.

Meanwhile, having picked up their new tool, Scot and Azriel separate to head to their respective destinations. Scot takes up residence once again in their hotel to record the meeting as it is streamed to him. Azriel makes his way into the lower levels of Stuttgart and on to the warehouse at top speed, aided by his own spirit, in order to arrive in time to witness the meeting. Effortlessly evading detection by the patrolling goons, Azriel deftly scales the side of the building and climbs into the rafters, only to discover Balthazar sitting nearly in plain sight despite being concealed by the summoned spirit. In awe of the lack of ability and their concealment broken, Azriel and Jackie waste little time assisting Balthazar in hiding himself more competently before concealing themselves once again and playing the waiting game.

Their patience pays off as the team manages to capture footage of the constable Liam accepting a cache of weapons delivered by a Go-Gang of Orcs and Trolls. Tense words and even tenser minutes later, the deal is complete and the two parties depart. Their mission complete, the group prepares for the final leg of their journey.

With the encrypted file in hand, Azriel arranges a final meeting with the drug lord Javid. Meeting in a higher end restaurant for desert, the group makes the final deal and with the exchange of the footage for favor, the group prepares for the return journey to Seattle; but not before one last bit of sight seeing.

Their mission complete, they group receives their final payment from Hartwin with a promise of more to come. Money in hand, the team reunited, and an inebriated Crowley to deal with; the group spends their down time relaxing as best they can and wondering what is next to come.

What lies on the horizon for the Grey Sky Company and where will their next adventure take them?


Having survived their run in with a pack of ravenous Ghouls, the Runners return to the relative comfort of their hotel to await further contact with Javid. After paying a brief visit to the store owner Amenemhet to check on his well being, Azriel receives a message with the details for their next encounter with the drug-lord.

As the time approaches, Judas moves to an adjacent dirigible to provide overwatch for the group as Azriel, Raziel, and Scot move in to meet Javid at a local Soy-kaf shop known as Iris. Introducing their new comrade Scot as Socrates to the increasingly suspicious Javid, the group begins to negotiate the details of their clandestine work over soy-kaf and real coffee.

A tenuous conversation, Javid finally agrees that he may be able to make some concessions for the Seattle market in exchange for the information the Runners are willing to provide. However, first he requires proof. Bidding the group adieu in a somewhat less than respectable fashion, he takes his leave to await delivery of the goods.

But trouble brews within Gray Sky Company. Judas, having heard most of the conversation, is furious with the part he has been unwittingly made to play. He confronts the group in a state between fury and panic, making his concerns for the safety of himself, his contact, and his beloved Winry clearly known to the group. He is met, however, with little sympathy. The other Runners assure him that the identity of his contact is still a closely guarded secret and that if things were to get out of hand, that coming for him would be the last thing on Yow-Ming’s mind. This does little to sate Judas’s anger and he takes his leave of the group, using his plane ticket to catch an early flight home; but not before stopping off at a local jewelry shop and purchasing a ring.

With one member of their team abandoning the mission due to a difference of opinion, the rest of the Runners make ready for the next days task. The team makes its plans and quickly begins to put it into action. Azriel and Scot return to one of the shopping dirigibles in search of a Simrig to gather the evidence Javid requires. With luck, they manage to find a shop that will get them one, leaving barely enough time to make the meeting.

Now the team makes their way down to the poluted ground levels of Stuttgart to scout the warehouse and prepare for the following day.


An arranged meeting amid the dirigible shops of Stuttgart; Azriel, Raziel, and Javid are accosted by a group of ghouls. The trio quickly duck into a nearby shop and barricade the door. However, much to the chagrin of the shops proprietor; one Amenemhet Joames, the hungry creatures begin to break their way in. With Azriel turning the shops floor into a ice rink in a effort to by time, Raziel, Javid, and Amenemhet escape out the back. Soon after joined by Azriel, the two runners utilize their magics to hide their presence from their would be pursuers as they navigate the back halls of the dirigible and escape to the far side.

Offering his thanks for their assistance, Javid heads off for safer areas with a promise to contact the duo soon. The Runners ready to leave, they are halted by a request from Amenemhet. Unable to ignore the shop keep’s plea for help, Azriel and Raziel contact the rest of their group and make their way back towards the shop to confront the hungry horde.

Their colleagues joining them, a short skirmish ensues. Avoiding the remaining patch of Azriel’s ice as much as they can (or merely sliding across it as they need) the group charges into the shop. The first enemy seen is quickly felled as Jackie, Balthazar, Azriel and his summoned spirit make short work of the unnatural foe. But no sooner do they dispatch one than two more appear from another shop behind them! Bullets, lightning, magic and spirits prove to be too much for the voracious predators as they quickly succomb to the Shadowrunner’ assault!

His shop saved with little collateral damage, Amenemhet thanks the Runners for their assistance and; after much assurances that, despite Jackie’s insinuations, he is in no danger, the group leaves with the promise to return and check on his well being later.

A crisis averted, adrenaline in their veins, and intrigue in the air; what will become of Javid’s promise to contact the group and will their plan be successful?


Stuttgart, Germany! Our Runners have traveled by air to the city of dirigibles on a mission from an old contact. Upon arrival and receipt of the tools they hope would not be necessary, they find themselves set up in their hotel. A long night is followed quickly by a split morning. While everyone slept, Judas made his way to make an initial rendezvous with one Daniel Titanus.

Meanwhile, Jackie slipped out from the watchful gaze of the rest of the team and headed off to take in the sights via a local skydiving company. After a successful dive, Jackie absconded with the companies parachute. Upon her return and subsequent scolding from both Raziel and Azriel; Scot wiped the RFID chips clean that were stored within the ill gotten goods.

Their mission pressing; Azriel, Raziel, Scot, and Jackie made their way to meet up with Daniel Titanus. After several walking laps around the dirigible, an agreement was reached to trade one favor for another. In an effort to ingratiate themselves further, and to satisfy the twittering desires of Jackie, a duel, however brief it was, was arranged between Daniel and Jackie.

Sent back to the hotel with Balthazar to lick her wounds, the rest of the team set into motion a plan to fulfill Daniel’s request. A small drone, controlled by Judas from a nearby restroom stall, made its way across the ceiling of a very prestigious restaurant, narrowly escaping a deadly table cloth wielding server, and planted a listening device over a table in order to gain Daniel as much information on his target as possible. Their mission successful, Daniel treats the team to a five star breakfast including real eggs and coffee.

Later, Judas, accompanied by Balthazar who streamed the entire encounter, followed through on his arranged meeting with Liam, the head of the local law enforcement unit in Stuttgart. Scot displayed the meeting for the others back at the hotel on the 3D Vid and, after much fumbling by Judas and shouting from the rest of the team at the images, Judas managed to arrange a deal for weapons to be delivered to Liam from his contact back in Seattle. Sensing an opportunity, Raziel quickly formulated a new plan and nimbly worked to put it into action. With much coaching and some monetary assistance from Azriel, Judas was able to arrange for an initial shipment to be sent in the next couple of days.

Unbeknownst to Judas, Azriel and Raziel have arranged for Javid to see the delivery of this merchandise in an effort to assist him in gaining leverage over the law officer in order to continue the production and shipment of his illicit goods.

Now, the two walk with Javid amid the dirigibles of Stuttgart in a dangerous game of innuendo and ploys. But who will prove to be the more dangerous; Javid himself, or the group of Ghouls which the group now finds coming towards them?

Sunday 15 May 2014 II
23 Sept 2014

So…imminent collision with Balthazar’s wall…
The armored truck hits the wall at 35 mph and is shunted into the motorcycle that had hit the wall and is now pinned against the guardrail. (That guy is having a bad day.) Raziel attempts to launch herself form the bed of Truckasaurus Rex (TR) and over the wall when TR collides with the armored truck. She failed. There is now a massive pile-up against the wall. Azriel and Jackie attempt to take-out the guys in the civilian escort. In total; Jackie shoots out a window and gets shot in return, Azriel stabbed a guy and got splattered in blood and yuck because Jackie blew away the guy that shot her, Azriel gets shocked by the stabbed guy, Jackie gets Tasered twice and is unconscious, Judas sniped the second guy in the car and Syn shoots the last guy. Civilian escort is now neutralized.
Meanwhile, the guys in the armored truck shoot a grenade at TR and the windshield is now covered in blue goo. Azriel moves on to trade shots with the guys in the armored truck and Judas snipes him to finish him off. The driver of the truck is shooting at Raziel, who’s been cutting the hinges on the back doors of the truck with a mini-welder this whole time. Once the hinges are cut, Azriel pulls open the door to reveal 2 figures, shackled and hooded. He pulls the hood off Seppo and says “Good morning sir. Your carriage awaits.” Seppo is dragged out of the truck and thrown in the back of TR. Raziel get into the truck with Seppo while listening to Syn cuss-out Judas for putting Jackie in the truck before Syn could Stim-patch her. Azriel jumps on the bike with Syn and they take off in the opposite direction of TR.
Did that read somewhat chaotically? Good, because it’s hard to write a chaotic event concisely.

Gregory's Super Secret notes

Notes playas don’t needa to see.

Sunday 15 May 2014
9 Sept 2014
Syn and Azriel arrive at McMillian at around 10am, well before anything is happening. The rest of the team is waiting about halfway between the 2 secondary split points along the routes. As plain-clothes officers show up and 5 armored trucks, Azriel is taking photos and short videos and sending them to Scot, who is then passing on relevant information to the rest of the team. Eventually, the trucks begin being loaded, via canvas gangway. Once a truck is loaded, it pulls away with 2 motorcycles flanking it, with the riders carrying fuck-you automatics. As the prisoners are being loaded, Raziel gets their names from her contact inside the prison.

• Truck 1: Gemini Albin
• Truck 2: Oscar Mervin and Goosecap Tutku
• Truck 3: Presumably Empty
• Truck 4: Wahyu and Hyacinthus Jozefo
• Truck 5: Gonway Mark and Seppo Love
Once all the trucks are loaded and are heading out, Scot puts 2 tags on Truck 5 and Azriel follows it along the rooftops and Syn loosely follows on his bike. Azriel notes that each truck also has a civilian escort following it with 2 guards inside. After all splits, we know that Seppo’s truck, as well as Truck 3, is headed to the construction site. The team in Truckasaurus Rex (Judas’s Truck) heads there to set up the ambush. On the way there, Syn and Azriel pace an old man in the geo to put some distance between Trucks 3 and 5. Everyone is rapidly approaching the construction site in this order: Truck 3 and escorts, Syn, motorcycle 1 (MC1), Seppo truck, civilian escort, motorcycle 2 (MC2) and Truckasaurus Rex (TR). Suddenly…ACTION! Azriel throws a flash-bang into the car of an angry black woman and causes a huge accident between Trucks 3 and 5. TR then runs MC2 off the road and Balthazar casts a wall between MC 1 and Syn. After hitting the wall, MC1 is smashed against the guardrail and is now in a world of hurt, if he’s conscious. The guy on MC2 took a ton of damage and is out of the fight. We next need to deal with the imminent collision of TR and Balthazar’s wall. I am just not sure how well this plan was thought through…

Saturday 14 May 2072
2 Sept, 2014

A bit more planning before we take a run at this bitch…

We know:
*Which prisoners are placed on which truck as they are being loaded.
*There 4 possible ambush points along the 4 routes; 2 sharp turns, a construction site and a long stretch of abandoned road.
*The vehicles are coming from Advanced Tech Autocraft. (?)

After much debate and arguing, we finally came up with a plan that will hopefully work. Syn and Azriel will go to McMillian’s and figure out which truck Seppo gets loaded into. From there they will relay the truck number to Scot, who will tag it via RFID. Azriel and Syn will follow the truck through the city and to the second split point, hopefully arriving before the trucks actually do. Once the trucks reach the second split point, Syn and Azriel will relay which route the truck is actually taking and speed past it to the ambush point along the chosen route. From there…it will probably be an improvised guns-blazing, grenade throwing, rocket-launching fight-for-your-life type run.

May the odds be ever in your favor.


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