GDL Shadowrun


They are great
I love grenades!
Boom boom BOOM
Aww yiss grenades

A pretty poem


Thurs. 28 April 2072
10 June 2014

Introducing 2 New Shadowrunners!

Crowley messaged Raziel pleading for help, since he was right outside her apartment. Crowley was with Syn and Azriel outside and they were being accosted by one of the local biker gangs. There was a small fight and then the bikers drove off. Overall, a fairly uneventful session.

More Prison Prep
Part 2

Meanwhile, at Green Food Services….
After being greeted by an overly excited Asian who reminded me of Charlie Brown, we were taken into see Liang. He seemed to be the man in charge of contract negotiations for the place. Has an awakened troll at his beck and call too, pretty impressive. I was worried at first that he might only be part of the front company, but Liang definitely knows what is actually going on. I liked him. Might have had to put us in his debt a little…but we have a way in! 1000ny a head, but we have a spot on the truck. We need to be at the Green Foods place at 4am to be a part of their shipment. Uriel will be renting a car so that she doesn’t damage hers when she drives through the fence. I think Liang agreed to possibly distract on our way out too, but hes too good with words to know for sure.
The meeting with Hartwin went rather well. I was afraid he would be just some dumb german brute but he seemed to really pick up on my clues. I hope he understands all the references in my letter. Best part of the conversation: gave me his cell number without a second thought. 347G. Well, that could be Edward’s cell number too…Guess we will find out.
My dearest Hartwin,
There are so many things I want to say to you, I don’t know how I will work them into the visit today. Your absence has been a void that simply will not be filled until you return. It’s the little things, you know. I was sitting at home and A Pan made me think of you. I cannot wait till you are home. You don’t deserve to be locked away like this. Not like that asshole Edward Gerard. For what he did, he should be crushed by stampeding hooligans and left to suffer.
But that is enough of depressing thoughts. I have finally found a reliable way into see you and I want to spend as much time with you as I can. I promise to have a surprise for you when I visit on Thursday. And yes I put that in the letter so you can’t waste our time today trying to figure out what it is. I hope in the lonely hours of the morning this letter will bring you some comfort. I know I look at every sunrise and pretend that wherever you are, you are looking at it too.
Ever your Light in the Darkness,

Prison Prep
Part 1

So…Hartwin Burkhard might be the former leader of the Blood Mountain Gang…
I will just start by saying we were not the most organized in our investigations this time. Oh some of us thought we were, but looking back we all just kinda wandered in vaguely parallel directions pretending to work together. But at least this time we were thorough.
Basic information: McMillion Correctional facility was built in 2056 and partially remodeled about 10 years ago. The head warden is an orc named Cyre Fantaine and the jail is financially failing. Capable of holding 250 prisoners at full capacity, the primary residents are nonviolent criminals like hakers and white collar crimey types.
At first Balthazar and I talked about having Jackie get arrested with a tracking device so we could sneak right to her, but when the rest of the group did survelience on the prison that became a less viable option. This “low security” prison actually has castle like walls and five machine guns in towers. However, when observing they noticed that the food trucks were run by members of the Triad so Judas suggested bribing them to let us ride in as employees. Scot and I were going to go “interview” with them, but I refused to do so without muscle to make the look complete so that got put off till after the sewer adventure. So Uriel, Scot, Balthazar, and I drove up to Green Food Services. “Alix Tennin” demanded to see their contract negotiator. Balthazar tried to use his magic fingers to insinuate the guard would be rewarded if he let us in…Now we have to wait and see.

Meanwhile I contacted Lexicon to see if he knew anyone inside and he came through for once. One of the guards named Jupiter is a bit of a whistle blower, filed a report against his superior officers for manhandling prisoners. Not much pull inside, just a yard guard, but mainly because he keeps pissing off the corrupt people up top. I called him up with a sob story about a friend inside and he agreed to meet for coffee. I don’t think I sold him on the guy’s innocence, but I did talk to him about visiting hours so we can get the layout of the prison.
Balthazar, Jackie, and Judas went crawling in the sewers to see if any linked up to the prison somehow. More on that next time…

Hey, lets break INTO a prison
That's a good idea, right?

Spend the day sleeping. Scot stayed up and tried to make sense of the data we stole but it was all chemical jibberish to him. Turns out that the samples I grabbed were pretty much worthless. Whateves. The Johnson liked the data and that’s the important part. We got paid, and Artemis liked what we did enough to want to work with us again.
Uri got a call from Vinny, he wants her to break someone out of jail. We need to talk to Ansehelm Pan to get the details. Sounds german. I thought she said handsome pam at first. I kinda like that version better. ANYWAY….
Hartwin Burkhard is the guy we need to break out. Him and Ans might be lovers. We have to go meet Ans at Mustards Last Stand. Uriel thinks hes a meat head. And considering he decided to meet us at a hot dog stand, she might be right. Hartwin being “falsely” accused of murder by the Knight Errants. He is in McMillion Correctional facilities in Puyallup. Ans is gonna give us 9900ny each, half up front. This might be pushing the boundaries of our abilities…but we are gonna try for it. And to top it off, if we see Edward Gerard we are supposed to shorten his stay in a different way. He has a tiny black beard, a tattoo of a hawk between his shoulder blades, and a tattoo of a spade on his hand web thing. If we do it, its another 2000ny a piece.

Adventure Notes
What's a cosmopheutical?
The adventure begins...

Getting in the building was easy enough. We just scheduled an appointment to use a meeting room for a kinky photo shoot. From there things got slightly more complex.
We checked out the ideas of using the vents or breaking a window to get up to the right floor (second option was totally Judas’s suggestion) before deciding on just hacking the elevator control panel. The boys didn’t even screw it up. Too much. But of course, the moment we exit the elevator the spirit is sitting right there waiting for us. Not really sitting. Can spirits sit? But it floated down from the ceiling. Balthazar tried to banish it. No luck. I tried to chase it. Even worse luck. At this point, screw it, lets frame TerraFirst and smash our way through. Found our way into a lab, but there were some guys in a meeting room next door. Judas was gonna try to lock them in there. Scot was trying to hack into the computer and find the research we need. Uriel and Balthazar were keeping watch on the hallway. I dug through the samples. And that was when I realized, oh Jebus, Balthazar just ran off back towards the elevator.
That was about when everything went to hell. A drone had come in from the elevator. Balthazar took it down but got pretty beat up in the process. Not long after that Judas came running through the door of the second lab. Literally. I was trying to shatter the glass and he threw himself into the crackled glass remaining in the door. I hope the security cameras saved it in slow motion. It was that epic.
Unfortunately the outside glass is not as easy to break as the lab glass. The stupid board members decided it was a good idea to attack us even though half of them were drunk. Balthazar and Jackie kept them occupied while I took them down from behind. Since I have a couple of samples and Judas is still working on the computer I figured it was time to break open this window. I made a crack. Jackie just killed someone, no bigs. And now she came to steal my thunder and shattered the window. That’s ok. She cant fly like I can. Shes stuck using her silly grappling hook to get across the street. And then the gas started streaming in through the ceiling. Luckily I was outside by this point. The rest of them…not so much. Well, Balthazar kinda got outside. His head and arm anyway. So here comes Raziel to the rescue, whisking him away into the sunset. Or the rooftop of the building opposite. Same thing, right? Eventually the rest of them came crawling across Jackies rope. Except Judas who I had to float to safety when he lost his grip. Uriel met us around the back of the other building and the cops don’t seem to be trailing us. That counts as a win, right?

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