A Seraphim fallen




Jackie Hammer – explosive firearms extraordinaire. Her firearms dealer is named Thatcher. She tells me they met in prison after he got caught stealing weapons from his workplace (Ares) to sell on the black market. She seems to visit him a lot when shes stressed but doesn’t really bring back all that many weapons when she does so. Ares didn’t want him back after he got out of jail, which I’m not surprised about, but he’s still in the arms business.
Judas – Rigger guy with a couple of drones who seems into voyeurism. Might be sensitive about being Asian. He should try being a Native Elf sometime. Just sayin. Judas knows a guy named Roric Jones who used to be his frat leader when he was in school. Bleh school, who does that any more. But anyway, Roric is part of a corp doing system analysis for security systems. Might be good to keep him in mind if I ever need to learn guard patterns. I hear hes a real talker when drinking, but what black guy isn’t?
Balthazar – he has a sword. Seriously. And a hero complex. I am pretty sure he would try to catch a grenade for me, along with any other “helpless girl in a tight spot.” How he ended up with us is beyond me. But he is good with his sword, can help me fight off spirits, and absorbs bullets better than the rest of us. So we keep him around. Even though I am sure half the shit we do offends him.
Urial – She has a car. She hit me with it once. And now we are friends. Strange how the world works huh. She is a pretty cute gal and likes to stay out of trouble. CRAZY good at driving the rest of us out of trouble.
Scot – Hes pretty quiet. He is kinda magic but in a weird way. He can touch electronics and make them do things with his mind. Which is pretty impressive to me considering that I can’t make them do things at all. But to be honest, I am not sure what brought him to us, I think someone might be after him but he really hasn’t said.
Me – It’s hard to describe yourself. The team knows me as Raziel. That was what my Seraphim team knew me as too. Before I was trained in I was called Mika. Mika Shadowwind. But only my family ever used that name…well them and Bask. But Bask is impossible to reason with. Kora is one of the few I still see from my family and the only reason to see her is when my lodge is running low. Rory and Lexicon know me as Alix Tennin. Rory works in a hospital. Mainly overnight ER shifts. I stumbled into him one night when I was shot on a bad run. Lexicon is a watcher. He is one of the few that believes me about what happened that night at Ares. He still hasn’t told me what he saw to make him believe, but he knows it was a set up. I think he is the reason Anita came blundering in and unlocked the door, not that he will admit it. Oh Anita.
And then there’s Crowley. We kinda grew up together, trained together, lived together. He was on my team the night everything happened. I couldn’t believe when he found me again. In my early days after the corp we did a lot of runs together, back before I found the Grey Sky Company. Now he randomly shows up and sleeps on the couch. Yah, look at that boy. There’s a reason I keep him around. He has been the key to getting into MANY restricted places.


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