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“Hello, and welcome to the Garden. I’m Lilly, the proprietor of this veritable Eden, and I’m at your disposal. Oh, don’t mind them. I know they look dangerous, but that’s just because they are. But don’t worry sweetie, they’re only here to keep you safe. After all… its the dangers you don’t know that will kill you.

Can I get you a drink? Our bar is fully stocked for whatever you may desire, and you won’t find any food better for the price.

Perhaps you’re lonely. The men and women here are all at your service to provide whatever comfort you may need. We have quiet rooms for relaxing after a long day; or maybe you’re looking for a partner for a SIM. Or perhaps something else?

Maybe your desires are of a more clandestine nature? My roots go deep and plenty of busy little birds and bees come through here and drop tiny fruits of information. Any of this could be yours… for the right price.

Me? Oh, sweetie. Remember those unknown dangers I mentioned? Believe me, its not any amount of liquor or weapons that should worry you most. Besides, my personal client list is beyond exclusive, my services expensive and will always cost more than just money. But feel free to look around and let us satisfy your needs."

Runs the “Forgotten Legacy Garden.”
Azriel reestablished his relationship with her after being out of the city for six years. To call their relationship complicated would be generous. They share a healthy mix of compassion, playful banter, and spontaneous violent love that leaves most people scratching their heads at the very least; but it works for them. Some think they’re in love, others that they’re as close as siblings, most just think they’re insane.


Eyes soft as velvet yet able to peer deep into the depths of your being, a smile that smolders and lingers on the mind suggesting whatever it is your heart desires, a voice like a soft rain that can change to the worst tsunami, and a soul as old as the earth itself; she’s the only woman in the bar one would ever want to talk to. She sees what few others can, hear more than others think, and can defuse almost any situation with a smile. Those who think her weak or an easy mark are rudely awakened. The demure woman with a feather tied in her hair commands the respect and loyalty of those who work for her, many of whom would gladly spend a stint in prison on her behalf; and that’s only part of what makes her dangerous.

Little is known about the past of the woman named Lilly-of-the-Valley or just “Lilly,” and those who ask soon rue the decision to do so in some form or another. What is known is that she came to what was then called “Vice’s Den of Delights” at a young age. To say she was beautiful was and understatement, but her beauty was not just of a physical nature. There was an almost intoxicating aura about her that made her very popular with the regulars to the establishment, and it wasn’t long before she had a very devoted following between a small group of her chosen clients and the other employees.

Nobody is quite sure what happened to the original proprietor. Some think he left in the middle of the night, either with or without help. Some think he was killed and buried in a hole somewhere. Whatever happened, nobody complained when Lilly took over. In a few short years, the young woman had transformed “Vice’s Den of Delights” from what would be polite to call a dive into the “Forgotten Legacy Garden,” a home for rest, drink, happiness and, for many others, hope. The Garden has become the only place that many of its employees have ever been able to call home and each other family, and that is how Lilly keeps it. Each one protects the other and Lilly watches and guides them all.

Lilly became the success she is in no small part due to her charm and the loyalty of those around her. But behind the beauty and honeyed words lies a keen mind, quick wit, and robust love of life. She is a people person in the truest sense of the word. Able to tell a joke and laugh with the meanest of bikers and just as easily lend a sympathetic ear to the down on his luck businessman.

Just as there are two sides to every coin, so too is there two sides to Lilly. The side that customers and clients see is as complicated as any Scotch; smooth, easy going, friendly with underlying notes of danger. Those fortunate enough to have her them call friend find that she is even more complicated then they had imagined. Just as the name implies, she is beautiful to look at yet dangerous should you get to close. She has a quick wit, a generous helping of playful violence, and is far more intelligent than she allows most people to see. Above all, she is a endless fountain of compassion and has a bottomless loyalty and devotion to those who she allows into her adoptive family.

To call Lilly a collector would be the closest way one could put things. The Garden has an ever growing collection of abandoned and confiscated weaponry from former clients as well as an eclectic group of employees that form the tight knit family of the Garden. Lilly herself has a collection of classic love songs ranging from the early 1930’s to the mid 1990’s. But most of all, Lilly collects stories. She has a passion for other peoples stories and a nose for finding the secrets within them. Information that can be of great benefit to the right person… For the right price…..


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