Judas (Wei Oda)

Rigger (Scout)


Truck; Gaz P-179 with rear facing heavy weapon mount. (Mount not shown)



Growing up with two parents with criminal SINs wasn’t easy. Both of his mothers had been in and out of prison multiple times, and because of this nothing was ever handed to Judas in life. If he wanted anything he had to take it. So when he got older it was only natural for him to find himself as a shadow runner. His whole life he had combated a social anxiety when in large groups of people and so it was only natural that he started to prefer the company of drones to that of real people. He even speculated that the drones started to develop their own personalities after so long.

Judas had gained his first drone Geko; Shaiwase Kanmushi model, in a card game in his teens. Then years later he started to go on runs and gained more newyen, and started purchasing more drones from a drone mechanic he met named Winry. They had become friends, and for the last two years Judas and Winry have been dating exclusively. Winry works for a drone and cyberlimb repair shop that also traffics illicit goods off the books.

Judas (Wei Oda)

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