Fullmetal Jackie, a.k.a Jackie Hammer

A skinny psycho crack baby pyromaniac


5’2", 98 lbs but stronger than she looks – skinny as a rail, but with wirey muscles and casual agility. Pale white skin, hair an offensive electric shade of blue kept short at the front and in braids down the back, oddly red eyes.
Human, female.
Jackie has a sister, but of course, she’s never mentioned that…


I’m Fullmetal Jackie, the explodin’/rootin’/tootin’ guts of this half-cocked operation. How’d I end up with the Grey Sky company? Hmm lets see.

Well, I grew up in a gobermint run orphanage, that is until I set a fuel tank on fire when I was ‘bout 11. Then there kinda was no orphanage, least ways none that wasn’t on fire. As I watched that blastin’ red fireball, saw the black smoke billiow up like a piller to heaven, I knew I’d found my callin’. I’ve always had a knack for trouble – if somethin’ shiny is jes sitting around, I’ll thief it. If a pretty boy with dangerous eyes looks my way, I’ll kiss him. And if someone tries ta cross me, I’ll stab em nice and deep. But things that go BOOM!…got a special place in my heart.

Since then I’ve been a rover. Been recruited, kicked out, and hunted by more runner gangs, corporations, and terrorist groups than I can recall. They like my skills, but not my style I guess. Good thing Uriel keeps me round to fire the pretty on top of her car. And the klank? Oh lordy I’ve been in the klank like it’s a 5 star hotel. Some of them done kicked me out too, heh.

But anyway, it’s not a bad life these days. Got enough money for ammo, got a flat, some mates, and a good battle thrown into the mix. Nothin’ lasts forever, everything burns in the end. But until then, Grey Sky will blast, burn, levitate, project, stab, and hack our way through anything they can dish out. Also, I have something personal to confe -

Ooo! Something shiny! Gotta go!

Fullmetal Jackie, a.k.a Jackie Hammer

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