GDL Shadowrun

Saturday 14 May 2072

2 Sept, 2014

A bit more planning before we take a run at this bitch…

We know:
*Which prisoners are placed on which truck as they are being loaded.
*There 4 possible ambush points along the 4 routes; 2 sharp turns, a construction site and a long stretch of abandoned road.
*The vehicles are coming from Advanced Tech Autocraft. (?)

After much debate and arguing, we finally came up with a plan that will hopefully work. Syn and Azriel will go to McMillian’s and figure out which truck Seppo gets loaded into. From there they will relay the truck number to Scot, who will tag it via RFID. Azriel and Syn will follow the truck through the city and to the second split point, hopefully arriving before the trucks actually do. Once the trucks reach the second split point, Syn and Azriel will relay which route the truck is actually taking and speed past it to the ambush point along the chosen route. From there…it will probably be an improvised guns-blazing, grenade throwing, rocket-launching fight-for-your-life type run.

May the odds be ever in your favor.



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