GDL Shadowrun


Oct 11, 2075

Discussing their options and appropriately weighing the pros and cons; the GSC has come to an agreement on a mission.

Contacting their Johnson, Samuel Ahmed, to arrange another meeting; the GSC makes their way to The Oracle. Amidst the music, atmosphere, and even astral distractions experienced by those astrally sensitive; Samuel Ahmed imparts to the runners the key bits of information needed for their run.

The GSC is to pick up their package in Everette in vehicles provided by the Johnson and make the delivery at a location in Lakewood. Attempts to steal their package is expected as Samuel believes that there is a leak in his security force somewhere (a leak that the GSC knows all to well truly exists) and he extends the offer of a bonus if the GSC can help smoke out the mole. Before parting ways and wishing them good luck, Samuel provides one last bit of assistance. The box he slides across to the team contains a number of items that may come in handy; including but not limited to several grenades, anti vehicle rockets, magic items, and a monofillament whip which is quickly snatched up into the enthusiastic hands of Raziel.

Taking their leave, the team gathers once again to discuss their plan of action. Deciding that the pre-arranged plan of Samuel is almost certainly compromised, the GSC hatches an alternate scheme. Deciding on a false flag operation, Judas and Scot will take their cargo south via the waterways after the rest of the team heads off with the trucks along the designated route. As such, other preparations are quickly put into action.

Judas and Azriel manage to set aside past grudges long enough to allow for a training day in defensive driving; the stress of which quite possible took years off of both their lives. Raziel spends her day training with her new monofillament whip, sending many of her fellow runners diving for cover in the process. Jackie quickly finds a likely target for the commandeering of a work vehicle used at their pick up point. After several drinks and little needed seduction, she lifts the key from the unconscious man’s pants and quickly has a copy made. Raziel and Azriel manage to gain a couple favors from Crowley and Lilly respectively in order to occupy the second vehicle.

The day fast approaching and most of the preparations complete, the GSC waits in anxious anticipation for what is sure to be a long nights work.



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