GDL Shadowrun

Licking Wounds and Finding Work

September 10 - October 10, 2075

Having made it back to Seattle more or less in one piece, the GSC takes much needed time off to lick their wounds. Each member spending their time to improve their gear or themselves respectively, its not long before the itch for another run needs to be scratched. Life, fortunately, is always able to lend a helping hand.

Scot receives word from Jackson about possible employment. Upon meeting their Johnson, the team is presented with the an offer of a heist. Over awkward conversation and equally awkward erotic cakes, the team is given the few details needed to perk their interest. A mystical weapon is being transported to a new location, and this particular Johnson would like to have it in her possession. Leaving to consider the offer, its not long before yet another lands at their door.

After their typical amorous activities that precede all of their dealings, Thatcher imparts to Jackie information for another job. Meeting with their Johnson at the Ace of Spades, the team receives the offer of a protection detail assignment for the transport of a particular piece of material. Their Johnson informs them that a theft attempt is imminent as their is a leak in their security information, and that the weapon must be protected at all costs.

Wait… did he say “protect a weapon?”

Indeed he did fair runners!

Discreet prodding reveals that the mission in question is to protect the very same weapon that the previous Johnson offered to pay to have them steal! Intrigue abounds as the GSC weighs their options.

Good things come in threes, and the GSC finds it no different for jobs. Azriel is approached by Lilly with a job offer of her own. A client wishes to have a particular person inserted into Universal Omitech, a genetic and biotech corporation; and she thought of none better than he to perform it.

Now, with work to consider and time slipping, the GSC convenes to decide their next next step….



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