GDL Shadowrun

Guns, Loot, and EXPLOSIONS!

Oct 13, 2075


A series of well timed grenades lobbed underneath the GSC’s vehicle during their attempted escape rendered inoperable in mere moments. After a brief skirmish with the ghouls, the runners dispatch their would-be hijackers and make haste to get their plan back on track.

Leaving their burnt out husk of a rented vehicle behind, the GSC loads their rented boat and heads out into the bay. Making their way south across the darkened water, a shadow begins to rise beneath their small craft. The former Seraphim spot the approaching danger mere moments before the seas explode in a writhing mass of tentacles formed from the sewn together carcasses of sharks. With their craft rendered once again immobile, the GSC fights to free themselves from the abomination holding their vessel. Raziel attempts to escape by flying their cargo away only to become surrounded by a mass of grotesque spirits. Quick thinking and even quicker reflexes allows her to drop beside the boat and hold on as the rest of the GSC frees themselves and speeds off across the water.

Their crate shattered, Raziel rescues its contents as she hauls herself into the boat only to discover that the tome in her hands is none other than the Gigas Codex! As Azriel and Raziel pour over the pages, attempting to absorb any of the arcane knowledge contained therein, Judas slows the boat in an effort to draw attention to the wounds he sustained while piloting the boat through the Matrix.

The momentary delay allows their assailant to make himself known. Appearing before them is the twisted form of a Blood Mage! Demanding the book, the puppet-master of the abominations from before is greeted only with the rev of an engine and a barrage of bullets and magic as the GSC speeds off, not wanting to complicate things more by confronting the assailant before them.

Reaching the dock, their trek is nearly complete as the runners load into their truck and head towards their final destination. With the end in sight, the GSC is once again set upon by rival runners attempting to intercept their package; their only warning being yet another EXPLOSION!

Another battle ensues with more losses taken. Judas and his truck are left clinging to life as the rest of the Runners engage their assailants. Scot showers bullets from the mounted turret as Azriel sends explosions of magic at their attackers. After seeing their leader fall to a single blow of Azriel’s axe, the remaining few decide that living to fight another day is the wiser of the decision.

Delivering their package and tending to their wounded, the GSC limps their way home to lick their wounds and collect their bounty. With their reputation rising with the morning sun, the GSC looks forward to what the future holds.



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