GDL Shadowrun


September 7, 2075

All is quiet on the home front! With a month of rest and recuperation under their belts, the Grey Sky Company is contacted by their most recent employer, Hartwin Burkhart. The burly Austrian invites the ream out for a night of drinking and revelry, and also to receive their share of the months worth of profits from Hartwin’s product. Some of the Runners accept the new income readily, others more reluctantly.

With cash in hand, the team spends their next few weeks in their own way. It’s not long, however, that the Runners begin the arduous task of searching for the next job. Each getting in touch with their contacts leads to several job opportunities.

After meeting successfully (and in some case with a bit less success) the team reconvenes to discuss options. After some lukewarm debate, Grey Sky Company settles on a search and rescue mission into the nearby mountains.

Prep work to begin, information to gather, and a new mission on the horizon; the Runners are beginning to take their first steps on their new path.



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