GDL Shadowrun


September 9th, 2075 (Every Run Needs More Moose)

A race to the crash site it on!

After losing four hours while avoiding the pit trap dug along their path, the Gray Sky Company presses onward through the night in an attempt to make up precious time!

Just past dawn, another obstacle appears in their path in the form of the old forest man Graeme and his giant of a dog, Helle. Azriel and Balthazar move to parlay with the man in the road amid the morning mist. With Judas’ impatience growing, they gleam several bits of priceless information about what lies ahead.

Along with the Tirtaringire princess Elerose and a contingent of her Ghosts patrolling the area in search of the Apple of Discord, the team discovers that they are not alone in their search for the downed plane. A competing group of Lockheed hired runners passed through a mere few hours before. With Graeme’s blessing and a promise to punish the rudeness of the earlier team, the GSC again takes to the road.

Their sense of urgency heightened, desperate measures are taken. Azriel summons forth a great spirit of the forest to quicken their pace, taking harm to himself at the strain in the process. In a few short moments, a spirit in the form of a moose appears and the truck lurches forward at near break neck speeds. In a matter of minutes, they cover a distance that would have taken them several hours at their current pace.

Nerves shaken and hair frazzled, the team stops to refuel in the town of Elma; a quiet little village in which the residents live in commune with nature. Azriel takes the opportunity to trade the remaining use of one of his spirits for the day for a herbal remedy for the still sickened members of the group. Barely managing to choke down the foul liquid, Scot and Jackie immediately begin to feel its effects as their stomachs begin to settle and their road to recovery is shortened.

As the group gets back underway, Azriel hears back from his spirit he sent out earlier to scout ahead. The competing runners are not far beyond them. As night closes in, so to does the GSC close the gap on their quarry; and with the setting of the sun, a fire fight is almost sure to ensue.



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