GDL Shadowrun


September 7 - 8, 2075

Rest and recuperation abounds as the Grey Sky Company enjoys some much deserved down time. It’s not long before the itch (and need) for a new job must be scratched. After meeting with several potential employers, the group settles on a search and rescue mission for Lockheed. Getting the details from their Mr. Johnson, the group begins the task of preparing for their mission.

But just as the hour grows close, disaster strikes! A flu has ravaged its way through the shared small apartment of Grey Sky Company with only Azriel and Balthazar narrowly escaping its clutches. The group cannot, however, afford to forego the mission; so the preparation continues.

Loading up on supplies to take them in the woods of Tirtairngire, the group rendezvous with a pair of Lockheed “scientists” that their Johnson promised to send with them. A quick cursory look over of Batraz and Aphrodite implies that more meets the eye; and as Azriel peers into their auras’, the layers within layers of their new compatriots are laid bare before them. Clearly able to handle themselves, the newcomers seem to be satisfied with what they learn as Batraz searches over them in the same fashion.

Pleasantries exchanged, talents assessed, and tissues in hand; the group now heads towards the harbor to meet up with their Coyote, Enoch, who will smuggle them southward into Tirtairngire. Will the sickened members of Grey Sky Company regain their health in time for the long trip inland to the mountains? Will they find any survivors of the downed plane? Will they even make it to the Elf-Lands without discovery? Will these open ended questions ever have answers?! Only time will tell.



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