GDL Shadowrun


September 8 - 9, 2075

A harsh cocktail of sickness and the high seas await some of the Grey Sky Company!

Boarding the Stingray in the dead of night, the Runners are greeted by their coyote Enoch and his deckhand Jaden. Dumped into the hold of the boat with the truck, the group makes the best of their cramped quarters on the journey southward.

As the long day wears on, Judas and Scot manage to make headway in winning their battle with the flu! Unfortunately, Jackie finds that the rough seas are too much for her already weakened stomach as she spends a miserable day abed.

Dawn breaks and gives way to mid day. Mid day turns to evening, and in the light of the failing sun, the cliffs of Tirtaringir come into sight. Whatever relief is felt at the knowledge that their voyage was coming to an end quickly fades as Enoch makes a mad dash towards the cliff face, seemingly attempting to smash the boat on the rocks ahead. Tension abates as the smuggler deftly navigates into a small inlet hidden by the rocks and docks his boat against the cliff face. The last bits of twilight ebb away to night as the team is lifted, truck and all, via winch to the top of the cliff.

Under cover of darkness, the truck navigates the dense forest on sensors alone barely missing falling into a pit trap! The Runners have little time to count their blessings before a band of trolls spring up from the ground and being an assault! Amid flashes of gunfire and bursts of flame, the team manages to escape their would-be ambushers, leaving several of them to burn like torches in the night.

What surprises await our Runners as they press farther into Elf Lands?!



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